Meet Rev.
Rob Johnson

Rev. Rob Johnson is a faith leader, community activist and mental health advocate who is known nationally for his birthday Gas Giveaway, which to date, has given away $50,000 in free gas. 

Rob was born and raised in the Dearborn Homes Housing projects of Chicago by a single mother of three. Growing up his mother, Ms. Jaunice Johnson taught him and his sisters the value of family and community. 

Rob currently serves on multiple boards such as Iowa Juneteenth, Taste of the Junction, Back 2 School Iowa, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, I’ll Make Me A World In Iowa and many others. 

Rob is passionate about mental health and getting communities involved in the political process through voter engagement. He hosts Code R.E.D. mental health forums and works with State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad and former Candidate for Governor Deidre DeJear. 

Support Our Schools

Public money is for public schools and we must protect our AEAs. Our educators need our support so they can nurture and empower the next generation. Our youth need our love and guidance so they can have a bright future and become great leaders.

Taking Care of Our Community

Let’s work together to improve the lives of everyone no matter what they look like, who they love, how they identify, or where they worship. I will fight to protect our Black, Brown and LGBTQ+ communities and build an Iowa where all are welcome and supported.

Reproductive Freedom

Everyone deserves the right to make their own health care decisions, especially when it comes to reproductive care. I believe that private health care decisions belong between you, your family, and your doctor.

Fund Mental Health

We are in a mental health crisis. People can’t wait six months for appointments. We’ve got to increase funding to ensure we have enough help for those who need it most.

Opportunity for All

Working one job to support your family should be enough to buy groceries, cover rent or mortgage, pay for childcare and fill up the gas tank. Let’s lower costs and put more money in your pocket.